The Kind of Work We Do

With many years working collectively on issues of philanthropy, arts, education, community development, organizational development, our skill set and interest is in working with people to think thru the wrinkles and develop strategies in response to a challenge. Whether co-designing with foundation staff and funded partners new grantmaking strategies, working with Black cultural organizations on approaches to finance the work; Diversity, Inclusion and Equity commitments for predominantly white arts organizations, or African centered out of school time programming, our interest is in working with you on solutions that make progress on the specific challenge at hand and also point the way to larger systemic alternatives.

Co-Designing grantmaking strategies

We have the opportunity to change some of the norms of singular power and challenge systemic racism in the philanthropic sector by collectively develop grantmaking strategies. Building a more accountable and effective philanthropy is one of the steps towards both being more inclusive and  effective by developing strategies with those who will eventually invited to spend grant dollars.


In addition to an expression of values, this work can also be an opportunity to define what success will look like along with the context specific rationale that undergirds it. Facilitating a collective answering of these questions so that the process provides an opportunity to think through organizational values, desired ends and leaves board and staff clear direction is our way of working in this space.

Community Engagement & Equitable Development

Our community development work focuses on strengthening the capacity of community stakeholders to guide the future of their neighborhoods. We prioritize identifying the views of the community residents, business owners and other community stakeholders and then codifying these into principles to guide the formation community development partnerships that produce equitable outcomes. Our specific areas of expertise include community engagement, community planning, helping community members develop equitable decision-making processes and fostering anti-displacement strategies.

Strategic Planning

Whether working with African descended artists and arts organizations, predominantly European American arts organizations, funders, or social service agencies, our experience is in helping people clarify the problem/opportunity, developing more financially sustainable strategies that are intentional about increasing resources for people of African descent and people of color.